Lemon Pudding Sauce (aka lemon curd)

The name "lemon curd" is off-putting I know. But this is delicious stuff. Turns into a saucy-pudding like consistency; smells like dutch babies (b/c of the eggs & lemon!).  This is an excellent way to use up extra egg yolks, especially because it can take a lot of 'em, doesn't require a lot of other ingredients and goes together quickly.

Would be amazing on crepes or pancakes. Seems like it would go nicely with a tea time snack of some sort. And it would go well with angel food cake, which is serendipitously what made all the yolks left over!

 Took this recipe but tweaked it for what I had on hand (tons of egg yolks) and less sweet.  Here was the end result:

Mix these in sauce pan:
1/2 C lemon juice (1.5 large lemons)
1/3 C sugar
4-5 egg yolks
< 1/8 tea kosher salt

Now add 6 TB butter, in cubes. Turn on the heat to low and stir until butter melts.

Now increase heat to medium, whisking and the curd will thicken quickly- took me 5 minutes on a gas stove.

Pour through a strainer. This removed a few bits of curdled/cooked egg bits so I'm glad I did this step (even though I considered skipping it!).

Scoop into sterilized jars- made two half-pint jars for me. 


Lori said...

I used mine with yogurt and granola for breakfast!

Tammy said...