Sweet Potato Chips

Just realized I have never posted these dehydrated sweet potato chips! I've made them countless times since receiving a mandolin from my Auntie (the mandolin makes quick work of these, instead of an hour shaving with a veg peeler or working delicately with a knife). These are a great snack as they are perfectly crunchy, but only 50 ish calories (I think?!) for an ounce, which is a good snack size. So they make a good work drawer snack... if only I could keep them around long enough!

Mix sweet potatoes and yams for a colorful treat. Sometimes I get the Okinawan sweet potatoes which are bright purple inside (but they have a bit of a perfumy scent/flavor so it changes the batch when I use these).

I've found I like them plain- just a little dab of oil. But you can add salt, paprika, chili pepper... just about any spice to them before dehydrating.

Wash sweet potatoes/yams (I can get about 2 sweet potatoes into my dehydrator)

Cut off a little bit of a pointy end to get a flat surface to start from on the mandolin. Use mandolin (with cut resistant gloves for safety!!) to slice sweet potato into the thinnest rounds possible.

Toss with approx 1 TB olive oil (or you could try any other oil, hazelnut, flax etc.)

Lay on dehydrator.

If using salt, sprinkle over the chips.

Cook the sweet potato chips in dehydrator anywhere between 117-135 F until crispy, may take 4-6 hours.

I use a simple lamp timer to turn the dehydrator off while I'm asleep!

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