Bound for the compost Soup

After composting way too many broccoli stalks and bottom ends of asparagus, realized I needed a way to eat them since the grocer and farmer's markets don't want to sell me just broccoli crowns or pre-snapped asparagus!

Boil the leftover stalks (broccoli, asparagus etc) in 1-2 C water until tender.

Pour all of it into a blender (carefully!) and blend until smooth. Optional: blend in a clove of roasted garlic.

Season to taste with salt/pepper and serve hot as a plain but nourishing soup. Surprisingly good for just leftover veggies and water!

Optional: for the "chunky soup" lover in my house, going to stir in leftover cooked rice/barley, cooked lentils/beans and then finish with an indian tadka (thin sliced onion/garlic, mustard seed, cumin seeds toasted in a little bit of olive oil).

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