Heirloom Navel Orange Vinegar

Got this from a coworker! As oranges are in season, was able to snag them for 79 cents a pound!!

Scrub and completely dry 3 organic oranges. Use organic b/c we're using the peel/rind and citrus trees get a lot of pesticides in conventional farming.

Get the zest/peel off the oranges (use a microplane, zester or veggie peeler)- make sure you don't get the white pith.

Add the peel to a clean 1 quart glass canning jar.

Now juice the oranges and add the juice to the jar.

Pour in 5% white vinegar to nearly the top of the jar.

Cover the top of the jar with plastic wrap (so the acid in the citrus doesn't react with the metal jar lids). Then screw on jar lid.

Let sit in dark for 1 month.


Pour finished vinegar into clean jars for use. Make sure you've got either plastic lid or wrapped a metal canning lid in plastic (vinegar reacts with the metal).

Combine with oil for salad dressing, or use in marinade recipes. Really good in watercress orange avocado salad.

Makes great gifts!

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