So I almost never buy dairy products like milk. We use rice milk on cereal and in coffee/tea and I seem to get by just fine. Sometimes I will buy cream or half and half for some Indian recipes or for desserts, but thtat's pretty much it. This week I bought a carton of buttermilk just for the fun of it, and now I'm trying to use it up!

I made whole wheat buttermilk shortcakes/biscuits and served them with strawberries and rhubarb compote yesterday.

On my next try list for buttermilk recipes:

Red Velvet cake (for some reason I am obsessed with Whole Foods' version... and now I think that my favorite type of cake is either Red Velvet, or Lemon Poppyseed) here's an alternate recipe I might try

Browned Butter Pumpkin bundt cake (if only I had a bundt pan!)
101 Cookbook's Lucia muffins (Swedish muffins with raisins, almonds & saffron)
Frozen yogurt

Whoopie Pies -- maybe I'll even try these!

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