I love Nancy's Yogurt!

Nancy's is a company that makes delicious yogurt, and they're located in Oregon! I keep a large container of this stuff on hand at all times. Here are a couple ways I sub out not-always-in-the-fridge items or make something healthier:
  • use yogurt instead of sour cream, buttermilk or other milk products in cakes and muffins
  • use yogurt instead of mayo or sour cream in your favorite spreads

Here's a sampling of things I've made with Nancy's plain yogurt:

Raita (Indian dipping sauce) or my No-Cuke Raita version
Tatziki sauce
Quinoa Pumpkin Muffins (use yogurt instead of buttermilk)
Amazing chocolate cupcakes (using yogurt like some recipes use sour cream)
Ambrosia salad

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