Asian Wok Greens with Garlic & Chili Flakes

This is my new favorite cooked green! I've tried it with baby bok choy and spinach, but we like the bok choy the best. Surprisingly, even the white ends were very tasty- moist with a slight crunch and lots of flavor.

1. Wash greens (bok choy, spinach, or cabbage might be good)
2. Cut off rough ends, slice in half or smaller to get managable chunks
3. Heat olive oil on medium high heat
4. Add chopped garlic, scant 1/4 tea salt, and scant 1/4 tea pepper flakes, let sizzle, but don't let garlic burn
5. Add washed greens and stir/shake pan for 1-3 minutes until greens wilt

Serve immediately- good with rice- this was so good Chris licked the plate!

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