Coconut Black Sticky Rice Pudding

I bought a huge bag of black glutinous rice at the asian store, and pondered how to use it for a few weeks. Finally today I decided to try this Thai staple.

Pulling from several sources, I realize I made a few mistakes. So this is what I will do next time!

Wash 1 C black glutinous rice in the bottom of a pressure cooker. Add 3-4 cups water (?) to the rice. Cover and pressure cook for 30 minutes.

I had to drain some of the water since I used 6 C: wayyy too much water! Hopefully 3-4 cups is about right for 1 C of this rice.

After the rice is cooked, many recipes call for adding a sweetened coconut milk. Well I'm pretty lazy in the kitchen, so I just dumped half a can of coconut milk into the pan. For sweetening the pudding, I chopped and added 1/4 C palm sugar. You could also use plain white sugar, but I like the flavor of palm sugar.

Since it was still very watery, I added 1/4 C tapioca pearls, which added a great texture to the rice, made it more pudding-y. After simmering 15 minutes, the tapioca had cooked and my pudding was looking good.

I added a pinch of salt, less than 1/4 tea pandan extract, and a small drizzle of vanilla extract to round out the flavors.

Serve with coconut in individual ramekins.

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