Spontaneous Brown-butter-white-wine pasta

Another night of "what-to-cook!" and I found mushrooms, a can of olives and pine nuts...

Brown-butter-white-wine pasta with mushrooms, olives and pine nuts
1. Heat a couple tablespoons of butter and a TB of olive oil over medium-low heat
2. Stir as the butter "browns"- the water is evaporating, leaving those ummy-yummy "butter solids" in the pan. Watch carefully, burnt butter is no good.
3. Once the butter looks like it's got little pieces, and smells nicely nutty, stir in 1 C chopped mushrooms. Stir, cook covered until mushrooms are coated and not raw anymore.
4. Sprinkle pepper and 1/8 tea ground mustard in the pan, stir.
5. Add 1/4- 1/3 C white wine (I like to cook with a cheap bottle of sauvingon blanc) and let it bubble
6. Add a couple tablespoons of sliced oilves, stir as the sauce bubbles7. Add a tablespoon or two of pine nuts, stir
8. When the noodles are almost ready and the sauce is a runny but flavorful liquid, turn off heat and stir in 1/4 C finely shredded asiago cheese. Stir to melt into the sauce. Take off heat.
9. Serve by drizzling sauce over pasta. It's very rich so a small portion with a side salad would be perfect!

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