Alfredo Sauce

After many years of mystery, I finally gave the traditional recipes for Alfredo/white sauce a try. The idea of raw flour in a saucepan is scary no more!
This is a basic recipe outline, you can substitute all you want- I've even used rice milk+ yogurt instead of the milk (and it was good)!

1. melt 2 TB butter over low heat
2. add chopped garlic, shallots etc.
3. add 2 TB flour, cook gently over low heat until the flour cooks, shouldn't smell raw anymore. This takes 2 minutes? Pass the clumpy stage, it will get creamy- this is what you want.
4. Add liquids (milk and white wine). I do this in two steps so that each warms up....

Add 1-2 C milk or some combo of rice milk, milk, yogurt, veggie broth... cooking times to get the sauce to thicken will depend on the thickness of your "milk" product here.

Add 1/4- 1/2 C white wine. I use the cheapy $4 a bottle stuff, "sauvingon blanc"

5. Now you have a sauce, so you can add your veggies. I like to add sliced mushrooms. Cook until the sauce is thickened and your veggies are tender.

Serve over pasta, poultry, whatever!

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