Fruity Salad!

While surfing vegan/raw recipes, I came across this recipe for "tropical salad with raspberry poppy seed dressing". Like always I had to tamper with it..... totally delicious!

I made the dressing the night before by throwing all this in a food processor with ninja-star blade:
1/4 C natural sweetener (i.e. mixture of agave syrup, honey...)
1 tea mustard powder
1/2 tea salt
2 TB to 1/4 C apple cider vinegar (1/4 C worked ok, but was a little strong)
2 TB poppy seeds
1/2 C frozen strawberries (warmed a little in the microwave, or you could use fresh)
1 small shallot

After that is all ground up, pour in 1/4 C olive oil with the processor running. Store in the fridge. Yum!

I put this over a mixed salad:
baby greens
1/2 mango, peeled and chopped
1/2 C blueberries

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