New Yellow (?) Shrimp Curry

I tried this last night from a favorite curry book, but it didn't look a thing like the picture! Luckily it tasted amazing-- we gulped it down in 5 minutes! The flavors are perfectly balanced, you will have to experiment with the jalapeno to get the right spiciness, you could sub serrano peppers if you are adventurous. It tastes mostly like a yellow curry to me, especially because of the high quality coconut milk I used (I recommend A Taste of Thai's "Coconut Milk- Unsweetened/first pressing", it's got a nice layer of coconut cream on the top and makes a great coconut pudding...)

It took about an hour to make, but that is probably because it was my first time making it. I would suggest doing the prep earlier in the day (measuring all the spices etc.), then it will come together quicker. Serve on basmati rice.

Measure & prep:
a. ½ tea mustard seeds; 10 curry leaves
b. slice 1 onion (the food processor’s slicer disk is perfect), or cut up into smaller pieces if you want smoother texture
c. 1 TB grated ginger, 3 or more garlic cloves chopped, 1-3 jalapeno peppers chopped
d. 1-2 whole dried red chile sliced, 1 tea red chile powder, ½ tea turmeric, ½ tea coriander powder, ½ tea cumin, 2 TB water
e. chop 2 tomatoes (or use slicing disk)
f. Mix tamarind concentrate (1/4 tea – ½ tea) or 1 TB tamarind pulp with ½ cup water. If you are using pulp, then strain it before using (stringy curry is gross ok?)
g. Peel 1 lb shrimp

  1. Heat 3 TB oil and add mustard seeds, they will pop and spatter (be careful!). Then add the 10 curry leaves, stir. Then add onions, sauté until golden (took me 10 minutes maybe on electric stove)
  2. Add “c” from above (ginger, garlic, jalapeno), stir, let cook 2 minutes
  3. Add “d” above (red chile, turmeric, coriander, cumin, water), stir and cook 2 minutes
  4. Add tomatoes (e), ½ cup water, and tamarind (f), simmer 5-10 minutes or until tomatoes are squishy.
  5. Add 1 can coconut milk (get the good stuff, not “lite” crap), and ½ tea salt; stir.
  6. Add the peeled shrimp (g), cook gently, 2-5 minutes until shrimp is pink.
  7. Optional garnish: You can add melted butter/sliced shallot/curry leaves mixture to the curry and let sink in for a minute, then serve.

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