Miso-Broiled Salmon

I made this as the non-turkey protein for Christmas dinner, and everyone raved! The miso glaze provides a sweet/tangy/full-bodied flavor. You can buy the mellow or light colored miso (fermeted soy bean) at natural food stores, like New Seasons. I find the darker kind ("hatcho"from Nagoya is excellent) at an Asian market. Basically, you want a mixture of the dark and light miso (more light than dark) to get that full-bodied flavor. I make many sauces (for steak, sauteed veggies...) using miso.

First, mix up the glaze:
2 tea. apple cider vinegar (or a little less, to taste)
1/4 C packed brown sugar
2 TB soy sauce

1.5 TB light colored miso (white, yellow, red, or "mellow")
1/2 TB dark colored miso (kuro, black, dark red, "hatcho")
2 TB hot water
(this dissolves the miso without over-heating it)
1/2 tea. powdered ginger
pinch of something spicy, like chili paste

Lay out your salmon fillets, skin side down, on a baking sheet with sides. Then slab about half of the miso stuff on it, trying to cover all of the exposed salmon surfaces. Let sit for maybe 5 minutes.

Set the salmon on the top rack near the broiler and set on "low" for 3 minutes. Then set the broiler to "high" and cook for 3 more minutes. Pull out the salmon to re-slab the remaining glaze over it, particularly hitting the burnt spots. Broil again on high for 2-4 minutes, but watch carefully to prevent overcooking (salmon cooks quite fast under the broiler).

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