Easy Salmon Rice Soup (from leftovers!)

Using leftover salmon and rice from Christmas dinner, I created this impromptu soup, which was surprisingly excellent!

Pick apart the leftover cooked salmon, pulling out bones/skin and placing small chunks in a large saucepan. Add several cups of pre-made veggie broth (Trader Joes sells broth without MSG!) and a splash (couple TB) of soy sauce. You can either cook rice or use leftover; when it is cooked, add several cups of cooked rice to the soup. Heat and stir the soup.

After it is bubbling a little bit, lower the heat. Slowly add about 3 TB of mellow/white/yellow miso paste (available at New Seasons for example), stirring to dissolve. You don’t want to boil the soup after adding the miso, because it destroys the healthy stuff in miso… or something like that.

Serve with a couple thin strips of nori (dried seaweed, the stuff sushi is wrapped in, you can cut it with scissors).

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