Roasted Baby Potatoes and Farmer's Market Carrots

When you've got home grown baby potatoes and uber-fresh carrots, this is what you do with them!  Their flavors really shine. This is so simple but so delicious.

Wash potatoes and carrots

Slice carrots lengthwise into halves.  Cut any large potatoes into chunks, otherwise leave the small ones whole.

Place carrot and potato on rimmed baking sheet. Toss a glob of bacon fat, butter or olive oil.

Place the pan in a 350 or 400 F oven. In a few minutes the oil/fat should melt. At this point give the pan a shake to toss the veggies in the fat. Sprinkle salt and pepper over.

Continue cooking until soft on outside and crisp on outside, approximately 25-30 minutes.

Enjoy on their own right off the pan, or with a side salad. 

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